Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Notes from DrupalCon - What's New in the Panels Universe

The following are my notes from What's New in the Panels Universe on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at DrupalCon Denver.

What IS the Panels Universe?

New in Panels

  • Redesigned IPE (In Place Editor)
    • Can change layout
    • Can change pane styles
    • Less ugly
  • Pane locking
    • Can lock panes to a region or make them immobile
    • Content people wanted to control where the content was; these ads and header elements can’t move
    • Currently does not prevent deletion; will be added in the next couple weeks


  • Like Panel nodes, but with context
    • For any node
    • Or user
    • Or taxonomy term
    • By bundle
    • With defaults
    • That can be picked by the node editor
  • Very granular set of permissions
  • Entity generic - plugins for users, for example
  • Presents users with a slimmed down interface
    • no need for the page manager UI
  • Covers 90% of use cases of variants

Fieldable Panel Panes

  • An entity that can be added as a pane
  • Create on the fly or in an administrative UI
  • Full access control
  • Supports bundles through a hook (no UI)
  • Like BEAN module for blocks
  • Example: Create an entity with whatever fields you want, such as an image

Field API Pane Editor

  • Form to edit a single field on a single entity
  • Contextual link on a panel to hit that form in the overlay
  • Offers ability to save revisions
  • Isolation of experience
  • Not tied to panels

Entity Revision Scheduler

  • Create a “draft” revision that is not the normal revision used
  • Schedule when a revision is set to the current revision
  • Works for Nodes as well as Fieldable Panel Panes
    • Entity agnostic
  • Incomplete; more works
    • Patch in the queue to unschedule


  • Panels-based site-builder distribution
  • Based upon OpenAcademy but generalized
  • Still in its infancy
  • Should provide a fantastic starting point for site building
  • Now includes starter content

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