Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year's resolutions, GameCube

I'm currently in Pennsylvania with my in-laws over the holidays, so I've been pretty much off the grid. We've had a grand time visiting, exchanging presents, eating too much good food, and building a potato cannon. Seeing as 2007 is fast approaching, it's time to start thinking of resolutions. From exercising more, eating fewer snacks, or remembering to call your mother on her birthday, we all think of various ways we can improve our lives, by starting good habits or ending bad ones. I took some time off this afternoon and compiled a few suggested resolutions that will assist you in your pursuit of free software. Check out the entry at Free Software Magazine entitled Free software New Year's resolutions.

As the Nintendo Wii is still a bit difficult to get a hold of and there's a persistent rumor about it dropping to $200 and having DVD playback in early 2007, I decided to purchase a used Nintendo GameCube for the time being. I know there's a homebrew scene, there's a Linux distribution available, and I've heard of people hacking IDE drives onto the thing. Oh, and there's a fairly large number of excellent games for the GameCube that are pretty cheap right now, so I should be able to finally play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Cubivore, Killer7, Donkey Konga and a few other titles that have been recommended to me. I'll write more about the GameCube mod scene when I can do some more research.

My wife and I wish you and yours the very best in the years to come!

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